Why neuter your cat or dog?

There are many medical and behavioral benefits to having your male cat or dog neutered:

Convenience to Owner

Usually stops tomcats from spraying foul-smelling urine in the house.

Reduces the annoying and embarrassing urge of male dogs to "mount" children and adult's legs.

Reduces aggression against other animals.

Better Health for Your Pet

Eliminates your pet's desire to seek out a female and reduces the risks involved with a free-roaming animal (car accidents, etc.)

Reduces the risk of prostate problems and testicular tumors later in life.

Helps Decrease the Overpopulation Problem

One male running loose for just a few hours can impregnate many females adding to the serious problem of unwanted puppies and kittens. (See Cat Overpopulation Basics and Dog Overpopulation Basics.)

Eliminates Sexual Frustration

A male sensing a female in heat is nearby can break down doors and jump fences in his desire to mate.

Let's your pet relax and enjoy being a part of the family.


Myth #1: Neutering will make my pet fat.

The Truth: Neutering does not make your pet fat or lazy. Too much food and not enough exercise are the main causes of obesity.

Myth #2: Neutering will take away the "guard dog" instincts.

The Truth: Neutering a dog does not reduce his ability as either a guard or watch dog. He will still be as protective of his territory as he was before the surgery.

Myth #3: Neutering will hurt him.

The Truth: Neutering is a safe and relatively painless operation done by a licensed veterinarian. Your pet will appreciate the freedom from sexual frustration.

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